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  • November 2020


    Dàn hợp xướng vua 3DDear Thomas Cornell Academy Students and Families,

    Over nine weeks ago, we began the journey into remote learning frightened, confused, and asking many questions such as:  What will school look and feel like? We are now in our third month of instruction.  From the beginning, we all faced many challenges with our knowledge of TEAMS and SEESAW.  Our proficiency with these platforms is not perfect but we have grown exponentially.  With perseverance, we will continue to grow.  Track A and B students are eager to be in class with friends even though they are required to wear a mask and social distance.  Remote students log on daily, with their teachers, participating in the same instruction as in personDàn hợp xướng vua 3D students.  Children are learning despite the challenges they encounter thanks to the TEAM efforts of our teachers, aides, students, and parents!

    As I reflect on the past few months, I realize my own fears and confusion have been replaced with hope and encouragement.  I have witnessed dedication and determination by teachers, aides, and students on a daily basis.   As we enter this season of Thanksgiving, please remember to give thanks for all that we have and continue to take ownership of your learning and effort to achieve success this school year.

    May you and your family be healthy and remain safe.


    Mrs. Karen DesSoye

    Dàn hợp xướng vua 3DAssistant Principal

    Thomas Cornell Academy 

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